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Antonio Polo, Ph.D.

[He, Him, Él]

Clinical Child Psychology 

DePaul University


Department of Psychology

2219 North Kenmore Avenue

Room 532

Chicago, IL 60614

Phone: 773-325-7183

My research interests concentrate on three primary areas. The first focuses on expanding our understanding about the mental health of youth of Latinx and African American backgrounds and families of immigrant and linguistic minority backgrounds. I am interested in cultural influences and risk and protective factors that help explain the patterns and levels of distress and maladjustment within and across ethnic groups.

A second research area is the prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety in youth, centering on developing interventions that are evidence-based, transportable, culturally-informed, and effectively implemented in school and other community settings. 


A third and related interest is in tracking and reporting on the diversity of samples enrolled in published clinical trials as well as documenting and building evidence of the efficacy of interventions for underserved populations.

Finally, I am interested in developing educational strategies and programs for individuals to become actively involved in educational and mental health systems. This research includes developing interventions to help individuals become collaborative partners with their providers in order to identify and receive the best possible services.

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