Welcome to the Culture and Evidence-Based Practice Lab (CEBP) at DePaul University! 

CEBP Lab News

February 2019 Updates

  • Nicole Colon Quintana will be going on internship next year! She matched at the Chicago Area Christian Consortium in Carol Stream, IL. Congratulations!  

  • Ana Goya Arce, who is graduating with her PhD this year, has accepted a Postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford's Pain Medicine clinic in Palo Alto, CA. Congratulations!

  • Jessica Guadalupe Perez, former CEBP lab coordinator and current doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently published an article in the American Psychologist. 

          Chavez-Dueñas, N. Y., Adames, H. Y., Perez-Chavez, J. G., & Salas, S. P. (2019).  Healing ethno-racial trauma in Latinx immigrant communities: Cultivating hope, resistance, and action. American Psychologist, 74(1), 49-62.

  • Dr. Antonio Polo and his colleagues recently published an article on the status of evidence-based psychosocial interventions for ethnic minority youth:

            Piña, A. A., Polo, A. J., & Huey, S. J. (2019). Evidence-based psychosocial interventions for ethnic minority youth: The 10-year update. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.

  • Dr. Antonio Polo and a team of graduate students recently published a 36-year review of depression RCTs in Clinical Psychology Review​​

            Polo, A. J., Makol, B., Castro, A. S., Colón-Quintana, N., Wagstaff, A. E., & Guo, S. (2018).  Diversity in randomized control trials of depression: A 36-year review. Clinical Psychology Review, 67, 22-35.

  • Our implementation partnership with the Office of Social and Emotional Learning from the Chicago Public Schools district is in full swing this year. Our Act & Adapt program is set to be delivered in 20 schools!

June 2018 Updates

  • We carried out a successful pilot implementation of Act & Adapt, partnering with OSEL and with 10 CPS schools! For this pilot, we trained 19 providers and supported them in their delivery of the program. Our data indicate that the intervention significantly reduced students' depressive symptoms and emotional problems!​

  • Dulce Diaz and Sarah Jolie, our project managers, were both accepted into Ph.D. programs in Clinical Psychology. Dulce and Sarah will begin their graduate studies in the fall of 2018- Dulce will be attending the University of Arkansas and Sarah will be attending Loyola University Chicago.  

  • Graduate student, Ashley Castro, successfully defended her thesis entitled “Economic Pressure and Depressive Symptoms among Latino Youth: The Role of Control Beliefs and Family Obligation.”

  • Graduate student, Ana Goya Arce, successfully matched for her pre-doctoral internship at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital.

  • Undergraduate research assistants Rita Mella and Danya Soto presented their poster titled "The interplay between primary control, depressive symptoms, and academic achievement among Latinx youth" at the Chicago Area Undergraduate Symposium (CAURS). Their poster was selected and featured in University of Chicago's Scientia Research Journal: 


Mella, R., Soto, D. & Polo, A. (2018) “The interplay between primary control, depressive symptoms and academic achievement among Latino youth.” Scientia, Spring 2018 Edition. 46.


  • Several lab members presented papers and posters at the APA Division 45 Research Conference this July in Austin, Texas and at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) Annual Conference this November in Washington DC. 

November 2017 Updates


  • Several lab members successfully presented at the 51st annual Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) Convention in San Diego, California. 


  • Our team successfully trained mental health professionals from 10 different Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in implementing ACT & ADAPT, a coping skills program for youth experiencing high levels of stress and showing signs of depression.


April 2017 Updates


  • Lab member Bridget Murphy will begin her graduate studies in the Fall of 2017 at Wayne State University in the clinical psychology doctoral program!


  • Research assistant Jazmin Lara has accepted an offer to join the Clinical/Counseling Ph.D. program of the department of psychology at Utah State University, starting in Fall, 2017!

  • Graduate student, Amanda Wagstaff, accepted a postdoctoral position at the University of California, San Francisco in their Pediatric Primary Care division.


  • Act & Adapt therapist and former DePaul undergraduate and CEBP lab member, Stephanie Torres, was awarded the highly prestigious and highly selective Ford Fellowship Dissertation award, which is administered by the National Academies of Sciences!


  • Graduate student, Ana Goya Arce, recently published a Spanish version of a parent program companion for the Coping Cat, which is perhaps the most often used evidence-based treatment protocol for youth anxiety. The protocol is entitled:


Kendall, P. C., Goya Arce, A. B., Podell, J., & Gosch, E. A. (2017). Libro de acompañamiento para los padres para el Programa El Gato Valiente.Ardmore, PA: Workbook Publishing, Inc.


  • Former doctoral student, Dr. William Martinez, just accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at the University of California San Francisco’s (UCSF) Department of Psychiatry, and as the Director of Child and Adolescent Services at San Francisco’s General Hospital.


  • Graduate student, Nicole Colón Quintana, successfully defended her thesis entitled: “The reciprocal effects of language proficiency and depression among low-income Latino youth.”


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