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Welcome to the Culture and Evidence-Based Practice Lab (CEBP) at DePaul University! 


News and Updates for 2022-2023:

  • Our 4th year graduate student, Laura Saldana, was awarded the highly prestigious and highly competitive Doctoral Fellowship in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (MHSAS) from the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) of the American Psychological Association (APA)! Congratulations Laura!

  • We have been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to help train mental health providers in high need schools in Chicago. "Project STRIDE" is a partnership between the CEBP lab and the College of Education's Counseling Department to support graduate students during their practicum and internship placements. Trainees will be matched with CPS school providers and deliver Act & Adapt as part of this training!

  • Congratulations to Milena DeMario, who was accepted to Northern Illinois University's Industrial/Organizational Psychology PhD program, starting Fall, 2023!

  • Congratulations to Jesus Solano-Martinez, who matched for his Clinical Psychology predoctoral internship at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles!

  • Congratulations to Mariana Bednarek, who was accepted to Adler's Master's of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling starting Fall, 2023!

  • Congratulations to Ashley Harris, who was accepted to UCLA's Clinical Psychology PhD program, starting Fall, 2023!

  • Our partnership with the Office of Social and Emotional Learning from the Chicago Public Schools district is in its 6th year. To date, we have trained over 270 providers across over 120 elementary schools. 

  • In the academic year 2022-2023, we trained social workers, school counselors, and school psychologists from 24 schools to deliver the Act & Adapt program for the first time! 

  • In the academic year 2022-2023, we continued our partnership with 54 additional schools. Social workers, school counselors, and school psychologists in these ‘sustainability’ schools are once again delivering the Act & Adapt program!

  • Welcome to Melissa Lopez! Melissa is in her first year as an PhD student in Clinical-Child psychology at DePaul!

  • Congratulations to Jesus Solano Martinez, who was renewed for the 2022-2023 academic year as a Diversifying Faculty in Illinois (DFI) Fellow.

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