An implementation study focusing on training and supporting mental health providers (social workers, counselors, psychologists) in delivering the Act & Adapt intervention in their schools, and assessing both provider and student outcomes. Act & Adapt is a group-based cognitive behavioral intervention targeting depression in youth 10-14 years old.

More information about Act & Adapt can be found on the following website: Act & Adapt

Adaptation and Implementation of the Modular Act & Adapt Program


A randomized control trial of the effects of a school-based, cognitive-behavioral intervention aimed at treating depression in Latino youth at risk for depression or diagnosed with depressive disorders. 

Evaluation of the Modular Act & Adapt Program vs. the Standard Act & Adapt Program


A systematic review of randomized clinical trials of depression between 1981 and 2016 focusing on sample diversity reporting and representation trends.​​​ 


A meta-analysis of treatment effects among ethnic and linguistic minorities in randomized clinical trials of depression between 1981 and 2016.

Diversity in Depression RCTs


A study on the relation between interpersonal stress, depression, and biological markers of inflammation. ​

Studying Psychological Predictors of Inflammation in Teens


The reciprocal effects of language proficiency and depression among low income Latinx youth (Colón-Quintana)

The impact of economic disadvantage and family obligation on the primary control beliefs and depressive symptoms of Latinx youth (Castro)

The relationship between perfectionism, body image, parental psychological control, and anxiety in Latinx youth (Nau & Sytniak)

Acculturative stress and perfectionism as factors associated with anxiety symptoms among Latinx youth (Soto & Colón-Quintana)


Emotional reactivity, maternal expressed emotion, and chronic depressive symptoms (Donovan)


Gender as a moderator between perceived pressure to be thin and symptoms of depression (Goya Arce)

Ethnic socialization and psychological outcomes among children: a review (Weidner)

Parenting dimensions and internalizing symptoms among low-income Latino adolescents: cultural values as moderators (Weidner)

Latino youth's access to mental health services: understanding the process of initial engagement (Wagstaff)

The role of oral language proficiency, skill acquisition, and therapeutic engagement on the treatment effects of group cognitive behavioral therapy for youth with depression (Wagstaff)

Student Theses, Dissertations, and Manuscripts


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